My Books

These are the books I’ve so far published through Amazon.  All are available in both Kindle and hard-copy format, though each photo is linked haphazardly to one or the other.  I’ve consistently priced the hard copies higher:

despite market tendencies, I can’t bring myself to rate a download as something of superior value.

fpsmCOV   Key to a Cold City: A Personal Odyssey Through Baseball Statistics of the Late Fifties to Understanding Bigotry, Failure, and the Human Soul by [Harris, John] LS2kindlecov poemcov 

El Moreno, Vendetta di Dio: A Desert Legend About the Other Side by [Harris, John]


celticcover  Kindle Edition

  • Why I’m Not Dead  A factual account–interlaced with moral, social, and cultural commentary–of my abandonment to death by an American medical machine that handled my prostate cancer with complete indifference and often glaring incompetence.  I was able to defy the “verdict of the experts” by traveling to the Immunity Therapy Center in Tijuana, Mexico.
  • The Eternal Momentthe book I had to write before my time on earth ran out.  I present religious faith as a necessity for anyone who doesn’t want to be trapped in a sealed labyrinth, with special emphasis on the open-ended mystery of art, the inspiration of nature, and the uniquely “in the moment” experiences of childhood as alternatives to dead-end nihilism.  The book’s second half turns more explicitly to issues challenging Christian doctrine; and the “villain of the piece” throughout is our mercilessly linear conception of time that forces us these days into a paralyzing worship of our earthly future as the destination of all possible meaning.
  • Nightmare Made of Dreamsa decade’s worth of “paleo-conservative” essays, some vigorously promoting the self-sufficiency of creative agriculture multi-functional neighborhoods… others warning that our neighbors have accepted enslavement to high-tech convenience too long to leave a degree of “survivalism” optional.
  • We Even Saw Figures Tending Firesthese essays address various subjects of interest to those of us who believe in a higher reality.  They concern very broad issues such as the nature of “eternal time” and the critical role of speech in the evolution of the soul… but also (as the attack on our First Amendment illustrates), considerations of how spiritual truths are impacted by contemporary cultural meltdown.
  • Footprints in the Snow of the Moonanother overhaul of a novel composed decades ago about a period already decades past: the Seventies.  The setting is Middle America, where bourgeois family values are still being practiced without apology… except that corrosion is advancing from both the outside and the inside.  My best attempt, I believe, at a psychological and spiritual novel of enduring quality.
  • Ivory Gutter Shining Brightshort stories collected from a twenty-year period when I wrote for my journal Praesidium under the pseudonym Ivor Davies.  All of these tales explode the mystique of academe’s pompous Ivory Tower covering that insulates it from so much deserved criticism in our society.
  • Worse By Sevena complete overhaul of a novel written twenty-five years ago, this is a mature and gloomy psychological study of the ravages inflicted by the sexual revolution upon our campuses and intellectuals.  The central character, however, finds his way through suffering to the ultimate redeemer.
  • A Sleepless Man Might Earn Two Wagessome of my favorite short stories are here (and perhaps a few that were too experimental).  I wrote them under the pseudonym J.S. Moseby for Praesidium over the two decades of that journal’s existence.  Most have a distinctly “magic realist” style.
  • Key to a Cold Citywritten and revised over most of a decade, this book was initially a statistical analysis of how a select group of black ballplayers was treated by Major League baseball in the years following Jackie Robinson’s breaking of the color barrier.  It remains that analysis–but it also has grown to be a kind of meditation on the nature of racial prejudice.
  • Landing Safetiesa kind of follow-up to Hitting Secrets; this book is far less historical study, however, than manual.  The objective is to suggest how young hitters today might employ some of the techniques mastered over a century ago by the likes of Ty Cobb and Tris Speaker.
  • Eventually, It All Gets Used–every publishable poem (and then some) that I ever wrote during forty years of living life against the current of the hedonistic Seventies, the exhibitionist Eighties, the progressive Nineties, and all the rest is collected here into a kind of autobiography, with plenty of short explanatory essays.
  • El Moreno, Vendetta di Dioa novel inspired by Dante’s Inferno–and, yes, it’s in English… mostly)
  • Climbing Backward Out of Caves–a case for why belief in a supreme metaphysical being, the author of all goodness, is a more reasonable choice than shutting down thought where science leads to inevitable abysses.
  • Hitting Secrets From Baseball’s Graveyard–a personalized, painstaking reconstruction of how star batsmen managed their tool a century ago, when the best players regularly flirted with the .400 mark
  • Three Medieval Celtic Renditions of an Ancient Indo-European Myth: The Wasting-Sickness of Cú Chulainn (Traditional Irish), The Lay of Eliduc (Marie de France), and the Welsh Romance Owein –translations with an introduction: my approach stresses how a very ancient source-myth has been gradually, ingeniously transformed to adapt a pagan vision of the afterlife to Christian spirituality.
  • The Traditional Mind in Greco-Roman Antiquity and Gaelic Ireland: A Synthetic Study of Proverbs, Aphorisms, and Talesa volume of comparative essays and translations that paints a portrait of the oral-traditional mind through the nuggets of wisdom which it most valued.  All ages have proverbs, but an oral culture will feature proverbs more like another oral culture’s than like its own in a more literate era.
  • An Introductory Course in Greek and Latin Grammar and Vocabulary Designed to Unlock the Romance Languages and Englishthis text evolved through several years of being used in a college classroom.  No other primer of its kind exists: while introducing the student to ancient Greek and Latin, it also builds significant bridges to French, Italian, and Spanish.  (Though a Kindle edition is available, the paperback is strongly recommended for serious study.)